01 Nov 2017

TRAINING WORKSHOP – “How to build excellent guest service in EXECUTION?”


Topic: “How to build excellent guest service in EXECUTION?”

  • Time: 13:30-17:00 Saturday, 27th Dec 2014,
  • Venue: Meeting room, Dinh Gia Stay 7 Hotel, 684 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung , Ha Noi

Manager in hospitality, airline, training, service … industries are welcome to join


  • 13:30 Welcome members and guests
  • 14:00 Training session: Speech, case study, group discussion, and problem solving
  • 17:00 Market share, market intelligent updates, club budget announcement, close.



Guest Service? How important is it?

Bad service takes your guests away, excellent service makes them compete to be there. Everyone knows this, though, “How to build excellent hotel guest service in EXECUTION?” is still a headache for managers.

Join us next Saturday 27/12 to get things done by our professional speech and coach. In 3 intensive hours, you will be equipped with a broaden mind set and new methodology to apply excellent guest service into your daily business. An opportunity to be involved, if you agree, in the group discussion as problem solvers to win prizes in the training session.Non other than, a set of valuable secret and practical materials will also be given to you as our gift for Christmas and New Year event.

Call us 0243.916.0000 or email at contact@edwardvu.vn to register in the program


  • Regular members: free
  • Guests : 150.000 VND (tea break provided, pay at the meeting)
  • Edward Vu’s promotion ticket: 100.000 VNDContact us to get promotion code for tickets sponsored by our company

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